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Are your Cats scratching up furniture and other favorite household items? Your not alone, you love your kitties, but they drive you mad clawing up your nice house. This was the dilemma I had 15 years ago. I decided to take action. Cats need a place of their own, a cat condo or Cat Tree.
I started to look around pet stores and the internet and couldn’t find anything that was high quality or stable cat furniture. If your like me, you want something solid, functional and good looking to go with the rest of your household design. Cat Trees should be made with real carpet and solid wood. Using authentic sisal rope and be sturdy.
Cat Towers of good quality are hard to find these days and there is only a few true hand-made manufacturers left. Let alone. made in the USA is even harder to find. One is in business before all the cheap imported cat condos hit the market.

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