Chalet Cat Condo-New Cat Tree

Our newest Cat Tree Chalet Cat Condo comes in all colors, including our animal print carpet. This cat condo has a big lower house and a low center of gravity. Plenty of sisal rope for your cat to scratch and a large top bed. As with all out Cat Furniture, we are very happy to make it for you. Our solid wood cat furniture is very heavy which make for a long lasting Cat Trees. They ship at least 3/4 assembled, which makes for a sturdier Cat Tree. The less connection and assembly the sturdier the tree. Cat Furniture that you have to build from the ground up can become unstable very quick. Solid wood and superior construction is what separates us from ninety percent of the cat condos on the market. When your shopping for a Cat Condo look for less assembly, solid wood, nice design and good weight.

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