Designer Kitty Homes

Cats are territorial animals and they prefer to have their own living space. Any intrusion of their space makes the cat uncomfortable. In the absence of its own space, cats tend to move around looking for a comfortable place to settle down. Allowing the cats to move, particularly in crowded cities is quite risky. There is always a possibility of the cat being run-over by a vehicle on the road, being attacked by other animals and even by other human beings. Cat enclosures and cat homes provide a controlled environment for them to grow in, without any external risks.

There are two possible approaches for designing a suitable cat home. If the person raising the cat is creative, he can construct a good cat house himself. Alternatively, he can approach a good cat furniture store and buy a suitably designed cat enclosure. The latter option has a distinctive advantage: designers understand cat-behavior and construct cat houses with all necessary accessories to make the cats life comfortable. Cat condos and cat trees are two such items that can help cats feel at home.

Basic requirements for a kitty home

Kitty home construction should take care of all the requirements of a cat. The following basic provisions should be available in a cat house:

  • A comfortable place for the cat to sleep
  • Space for cat to eat without difficulty
  • Littering space
  • Playing area and necessary accessories such as kitty gyms and cat condos

Cat house tips

Construction or buying of a cat house needs proper planning. The issues to be considered are:

  • Avoid any sharp edges in the cat house which may lead to injury
  • Select a material that will protect the cat from harsh weather conditions.
  • Wood is the preferred material for construction of a cat house. Suitable water-proofing and termite-proofing is to be done to make a kitty home durable.
  • Make a kitty home aesthetic by designing the interior to blend with the surroundings
  • Reliable cat furniture houses offer advice and guidance to build an efficient and durable cat house.
  • Avoid usage of any breakable materials in cat house construction

Other designer items

Cats like climbing trees and hiding in holes. Providing of such accessories near the cat house can fulfill the cat’s natural instinct. Cat condos and cat trees are designed and manufactured in different colors for this purpose. A good cat furniture shop will offer a variety of standard designs, to suit all types and sizes of cats. Most of these stores will also undertake the constructions of kitty condo and kitty gyms on the made-to-order basis.

Well designed kitty houses can provide comfortable living to the cats. Properly designed cat houses, planned as part of the house, can enhance the aesthetic value of the house. Cat condo and cat tree can be used as valuable decorative items even inside the house. Imagination and budget are the only two limiting factors in designing, developing and maintaining good kitty homes.

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