Prevent Your Furniture From Scratching

There are various reasons that cats scratch furniture. The most obvious reason for it, is because it’s completely natural phenomenon for cats to scratch object that are available in their surrounding. This scratching can be friendly, such as during play time or during stretching. It is advantageous for them as it promotes the proper growth of their claws by shedding of the dead outer layer of their claws. Scratching also demonstrate their dominance in front of the other cats. Cats scratching is a habitual process. Whenever they scratch they not make a mark but also leave behind an odor to claim their existence in that place.

Many cat owners wish to prevent this scratching but it is very dangerous for their expensive and beautiful furniture. But it’s like going against nature. To prevent this natural process every cat owners must adopt a habit of using cat trees or scratching posts. There are various kind of cat trees available in the market. These trees are very stylish and can easily match up with the interior of your house. Cat trees are available in different sizes and colors depending upon your requirement. They are very affordable and serve various functions for your kitty.

Cat is very playful domestic animal. They love to perch top, jump from one platform to another and climb up and down the sisal posts. Cat Trees comes with different models and architectures depending upon your requirement. There are many other things and toys for your pet that attracts your cat so as to keep them busy for hours.

We cannot change the scratching habits of cats as it is a natural process. But we as a cat owner can develop some good scratching habits in our cat. The best way in developing such habits is to get the good quality of cat tree. We can place it in the place where your pet enjoy playing, residing and sleeping the most. We can use the cat trees along with some toys such as tease stick. This can encourage the good and positive scratching habits in them. You can reward your cat for scratching the cat tree. But we should one important thing in our mind that we are not supposed to force them to scratch these trees. We have to train them so as to prevent our furniture from being destroyed. In the beginning we have to cover our furniture with plastic or wrap them with a bag. Once your cat is familiar with the cat tree, we can remove those coverings from the furniture.

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