Proper Exercise

Benefits of cat exercise

In big cities, life is becoming mechanical and routine. More and more people are enjoying the company of pets, and cats are gaining popularity. The pet cats spend most of their time indoors. They are deprived of play and exercise that are integral parts of their normal life. Lack of exercise will lead to health and behavioral problems. Good cat furniture items such as cat scratching posts, cat trees, cat condoand kitty gyms can help to overcome such difficulties, when purchased from a reputed and reliable store.

Result of exercising – Smart cat

Remarkable changes can be noticed when a cat exercises regularly. Their eyes and coats become shinier, the cat becomes more active and behavior improves. In short, the cat becomes smart through regular exercise.

Obesity – major cat problem

A major problem in domestic cats is obesity. Obesity results in dull and lethargic cat. As in human beings, the lack of exercise is the major cause of this problem. In their natural habitat, cats eat natural food and exercise sufficiently to maintain their body. In the domestic conditions, cats are stuffed with rich and concentrated cat food, but unfortunately without sufficient exercise, resulting in obesity.

Getting cats to exercise

It is necessary for persons raising a cat as a pet, to provide necessary ambiance to exercise. Unlike human beings, cats need no motivation to exercise. All they require is necessary condition and surrounding. Cat trees and cat condos provide this environment.

Two or more cats better than one

Cats are left alone at home most of the time, when every one goes out for work or school. Left alone, a single cat may feel lonely and develop boredom and other psychological problems. Under such circumstances, it is better to have more than one cat. Together, they will keep themselves busy and exercise enough to keep them healthy.

Do not punish for your cat for scratching

Cat scratching is an instinctive behavior for cats and should not be curbed. They also help the cats to exercise their paws. It is necessary for cat owners to provide cat scratching implements to satisfy this desire.

Provide sufficient space

It is a bad practice to lock the cat up in a confined space, when left alone at home. It has to be provided sufficient space to move around and play. Cat furniture items are designed to offer sufficient space for cats to live and play. They are particularly useful in houses where enough space cannot be provided. Cat tree, a useful play item available in good cat furniture stores, offers vertical and horizontal spaces for cats to climb up and down. Kitty gym is another useful item which can be purchased. They offer interesting playing and exercising environment. Cat condos and toys are also included as a part of somekitty gyms, to make it a complete play and exercising implement for cats.

Cat furniture and toys

Cat furniture and toys are necessary items to possess while raising cats as pets. They are useful play and exercising implements. Good cat furniture store can offer many options and suggestions about cat trees, cat condos, kitty gyms and cat scratch posts to suit the specific requirements.

A well exercised cat is an enjoyable pet. It can even motivate the pet keeper to start his own exercise routines!

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