Tips For Purchasing Best Cat Trees

Cat trees are one of the most luxurious item for cats living inside the house. The outdoor cats got access to real trees but the indoor kitties may miss the opportunity to enjoy, climb and scratch their claws on the trees. For those indoor cats these trees plays a very important role. For all the cat owners it is important to put few points in mind before purchasing it for your pet.

The major problem which most of the pet owners are facing is how to protect the expensive furnitures from their cats. All the indoor cats destroy your furnitures, couches , bookcases, shelves by putting scratches on it. Most of the time cats climb on these furnitures to fulfill their needs. If you buy a good quality Cat Trees for them, then you might protect your costly furnitures.

There are wide varieties of cat trees available in the market, starting from simple to complex depending upon your requirement in order to satisfy your pet’s needs so that your valuable furnitures don’t become a target. A simple cat tree have a post or two, with several flat platforms. On these platforms your cat can rest and sleep. The posts of the tree may be covered in a rope, carpeted or made of an original wood. The base of these tree are wooden which gives extreme stability for vigorous and instant climbing.

Selecting a cat tree depends mainly on the nature and behavior of your pet. If your cat is not prone to climbing up high then you can select the simple one instead of going for the deluxe one. If your cat uses your expensive furnitures to sharpen claws then you need to buy the scratching post which is more attractive to the cat than your couch. Before buying any cat tree you need to ensure that it should be stable. It should not fall while your cat is using it. You need to buy a tree which got relatively large base as your cats are very smart and get away to the things that they have already scratched in the past. One should always go for a tress which has multiple posts as it is more stable compared to the single post tree.

If you have multiple cat then you can go for the trees with more scratching posts with many perches. This reduces the undesirable urine marking from them. If you are planning to make your own cat trees then it might get very expensive.So, we should always check the climbing, scratching and residing need of your cat so as to buy the best tree for your loving pet.

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