Tips to a Healthy Cat

Cats are one of the most preferred pet animals. It is highly risky to let them go outdoors for playing, especially in cities. So they remain confined indoors most of the time. Cats, by nature, are social animals – very inquisitive and playful. When they are kept indoors, often alone, they become isolated and depressed. This boredom leads to lethargic behavior and they tend to become sick.

Good food habits, clean and hygienic surroundings, good grooming and regular exercise are basic requirements for cats to be physically and mentally healthy. A healthy pet will be a good companion to the owner and can make the entire family happy.

Cat literature

For a new cat owner, cat literature is a good source of information for bringing up a healthy cat. Many publications and online material are available. They are worth reading before bringing a pet home.

Good veterinary doctor and regular medical checkup

Just like having a family doctor, a cat owner should have a regular veterinarian for the cat. Regular health checkup is a must to maintain a healthy cat.

Good eating habits

Giving balanced and healthy diet can help the cat lead a healthy life. A weekly chart can be prepared, to provide both variety and nutrition to the cat.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise is a must for cats to maintain good health. Reputed cat furniture stores can offer a lot of implements, creatively designed, for cat to exercise, play and relax. Cat tree, kitty condo, kitty gyms and cat condo are the most common implements available in the market.

Good grooming

Cats have their own grooming techniques. This can be supplemented by good grooming practices such as regular bathing, nail trimming, ear and nose cleaning and coat combing. Regular and quality grooming can help the cat to stay clean and healthy. Many of the health problems like infections, insect bites and hair ball accumulation in stomach can be prevented by good grooming practices.

Hygienic surrounding

Keep all the places frequented by the cat clean and tidy. The litter box needs regular washing. Implements used by cats, such as cat condoand cat trees, are also to be cleaned at frequent intervals. Cat condos are the places where cats relax often, and require specific attention in maintaining hygiene.

Cat furniture and toys

Cat furniture and toys are good implements to keep cats happy and healthy. A good cat furniture store can give guidance to suit specific needs. Cat condos, cat trees, kitty gyms are the most popular cat furniture.

Identify early symptoms

Look out for symptoms in the cat which suggest odd behavior. Early recognition of such symptoms leads to easy cure. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Dull coat and excessive hair fall
  • Excessive self grooming due to itching
  • Unusual lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Hiding in unusual places
  • Sleeping in atypical places and avoiding regularly their used kitty condo
  • Visually agitated
  • Any other unusual behavior

A healthy cat is a lot of fun and helps to keep the entire family happy and healthy.

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