Welcome to Playtime Workshop. We are manufacturers of custom Cat furniture.
All our Cat Condos, Cat trees, and Furniture are produced by us, onsite. There’s no middle man here. We create our own designs and hand build all of them. All our cat furniture is made from solid wood and quality carpeting, plus they all ship from our shop. Quality Cat Trees period.

Why buy from us?

  • Our furniture is the sturdiest on the market
  • Original, great looking designs
  • Quality materials
  • Hand made by professionals
  • Great customer service
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed

Our cat furniture is designed with your cats needs in mind. As actual cat owners and breeders we are very familiar with their behaviors and habits. We have implemented this knowledge into our cat condos. You can rest assured our furniture meets the exercise, sleep, and scratching needs of your “kids”. For quality cat trees, look no further.

We are cat furniture Experts. With all our condos you can be certain of

  • Superior Workmanship
  • Sturdy, well balanced units
  • Great looking cat furniture
  • Accessible for all cats
  • Able to support a tremendous amount of weight
  • Quality Cat Trees

Other reasons to own our cat furniture.

  1. You are buying Brand New Cat Furniture. At pet stores or cat shows there is a very good possibility, that the units have been exposed to other animals. With us you are assured of a clean brand new unit.
  2. Our Cat furniture is not treated with catnip. There’s no need for this debatable practice. Our customers cats are usually on our units before they are out of the box.
  3. Safety issues our taken into concern in our designs. A well balanced, sturdy piece of quality cat furniture is what you need and is what you’ll get when you buy from us.
    • Multiple entrances and exits
    • Staggered design for easy jumping
    • Great balance
    • Super sturdy

In Short,
We dare your to compare our designs of our quality cat trees, workmanship and prices with any of the pet stores or other online retailers. We are confident you will see what were talking about.
Thanks so much,
The crew at Playtime Workshop