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Cheetah print cat tent

I received the Cheetah print cat tent and Cali loves it! Thanks again for all your help... I showed my girlfriend and she is going to look for one too.. I told her that if she didn't see a pattern that she liked to let you know and you might be able to get her something different like you did for me!

I will check out your site for other stuff too....

Take care.


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New cat tree! Our expectations were high and you exceeded them. The solid wood construction is great; we once had the standard issue particleboard/cardboard cat trees self-destruct during assembly. Cats are happy too! Sisal on the top center post is at the top instead of the bottom but I think they'll get more use from it where it is. Thanks Jamie

Mark  Munnsville, NY
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I received the park place Cat Gym this morning and like you said it is beautiful. I cannot believe how well made this Cat Tree is. I love that all the hardware is in the spot that it is suppose to be in and there is no guessing where things go. I have 2 Maine Coons and 1 other cat and they were all over it while we were trying to put it together. Now they will have somewhere to lay down. I do believe they will get years of use out of this cat tree. Thank you so much for your work as it is beautiful. I hope you all have wonderful holidays and and I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for something like this. Have a wonderful day Debbie


We and our kitties are very satisfied customers! In the mornings barn swallow birds fly around the windows and they pile onto the cat tree watching the birds. It's made structurally sound so several of them can climb and move around on the tree safely with having their fun time watching the birds. That's what was going on when I took the pictures. They find their way to the high window sills with the tree being such a great height. We originally bought what was called a Premium Tree from Petco and although it's nice it was only sturdy for the year old cats when they were kittens. Thanks again, Janet Hays


We just bought our second cat condo from playtimeworkshop and we are so happy ( and the cats even more) I can advice everybody who is looking for a really sturdy good quality cat furniture to purchase a cat tree from playtimeworkshop and customer service is awesome. I purchased other cheaper cat condo's but they keep breaking I will never buy a cat condo anywhere else again , for me playtimeworkshop is the place to be. Elisabeth--Tennessee


I've been meaning to get around to telling you that our house in east Limestone County, Alabama was hit by a tornado on March 2, 2012 and the room that our Bigfoot cat condo was in took a direct hit and suffered major damage. Everything in that room was destroyed EXCEPT our Bigfoot cat condo! Unfortunately tiny shards of glass were embedded so deeply in the entire condo that we had to throw it away due to concerns that our cat's would cut themselves but the structure and the carpet covering it didn't even flinch from the impact of debris that went through the room. That is one well-made unit! Oh and our cats all survived too. :-) JoAnn Athens, AL.

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Awesome, just awesome cat tree!! Looks great and doesn't budge. Thanks Again!! Pam


Bigfoot Cat Tree
First, I must say that I am so very happy to have found your website. I bought the huge ginormous cat tree, Bigfoot, 15!!!! years ago and just today had to take it down. The kitties finally ripped it beyond repair. I am going to be ordering them a new Bigfoot cat tree on Monday. After dismantling the old tree, I turned it over, hoping to find a sticker or something and was very happy to see that there was indeed a sticker there. This cat tree has gone from three residents in West Virginia, to two houses in Ohio, to one house in Utah, to three houses in Oregon. Yes, I traveled a lot and it has gone with me every where. I am beyond excited to see you are still in business!!! I will reassemble the tree in the garage and you can then see how much love it has been given over the last 15 years!!

Sincerely, one very happy tree cat owner and the kitties that have destroyed it.


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Jamie, We got our Bigfoot Cat Tree on Tuesday this week. Our 5 month old Kitty SweetPea was all over the box like she knew it was something for her. It was a snap to put together!! We are amazed at this beautiful and well crafted piece of cat furniture! Our SweetPea is really enjoying playing on it and climbs up and down it for hours then goes to her thrown on the very top and naps. I'm sure it will last us a very long time as it is so well crafted unlike many others we have seen. We are turning our back room into a Kitty only room and this was our first purchase for our Sweetpea's room. We shall pass the word around to our friends and family that have Kittys to order from you. I have attached a few photos so you could see our Sweetpea enjoying what you made for her. Thank you Jamie! Kenneth & LaVona and our Precious SweetPea

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Got the Cat Tree 2 days early -the Sleepy Hollow Cat Condo it is beyond perfect and super duper easy to set up and its beautiful craftsmanship, my cats are in heaven. This was the best pet product I had ever seen. You guys absolutely ROCK. This is awesome and super sturdy, did I mention beautiful. Could not be more happy, more satisfied and more excited. Thank you doesn't seem like enough, so thank you times a million million. Lisa SP MN

Lisa  S.P Minnesota
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Hello Jamie, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the assistance you provided and we received the cat house 2 days ago. It is a very beautiful Cat Tree and the quality both in materials and workmanship on the Cat Tree is superb! The cats were on it before I could assemble it. What a Cat Condo!! Please share, this with the rest of your team. Take care

Mike  Beverley Hills, New York
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If you are in the market for an great looking and sturdy piece of Cat furniture and an awesome cat tree, this is the place! . No need to ponder if the product is worth the money, IT IS. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is OUTSTANDING! My cat Joe Jr. sat beside me thru assembly and started climbing the tree immediately! He loves to be on top of the 86 inch landing watching me cook or clean or dance around in happiness with the addition of this new Katimanjaro tree! ha ha. I especially love all the color options as the tree can be tailored to any decor. Most cat trees are an eyesore, but this one although out of scale from other furniture, is truly a work of art and easy on the eye to look at when entering any dwelling. I thank you so much for producing a high quality product! Also noteworthy was the attention to detail with packing the piece. Very much appreciated. Thanks a million from Joe Jr as well.

Joanna  (Studio, City California)