Custom Cat trees

Large Bed cat treeCustom Cat Trees and Furniture ideas, are sometimes best conceived by our customers. Over the years has fulfilled many custom cat condo requests. Posted on this page are just a few examples of the alterations we can make. Since we hand-make every cat tower to order, there is always room for alterations, some times free of charge. If you see something you like, but would like it a bit different, just let us know.

If you have a vision of a cat tree that you would like made, please let us know. If you can be descriptive about want you want with your custom cat tree, we can most likely make it for you. Cat furniture is are business. That’s why are cat gyms don’t look like all the same trees you see all over the internet. Those sellers are just “Resellers” of cardboard, faux fur, chip board stuff that is made overseas. Try to get any of them to customize a part on the cat post they offer. They can’t, because they are made in a factory in pieces in Asia and then shipped over to the USA.

All our cat furniture is and always has been made in the USA and using solid wood and plush carpet shipped directly from Mohawk in Ga. We don’t use any toxic materials or glues. Our carpet is attached with staples, but you would never know it. Check out some of our custom cat trees.

Cat Tree-Cat Furniture-Custom cat trees

Custom Katimanjaro

Big Cat Tree

Custom Himalayan cat condo

Cat Condo Castle

Sky Castle Cat Tower

Cat Condos Tree Tower

Large Cat Beds

Cat condo

Custom Leopard carpet











Castle Cat Tower Cat Tree

CastleMania w/Custom Beds

Leopard Carpet Cat Tree Cat Tower

Custom all Leopard Cat Tree

Cat Trees

Cat Tree-Bigfoot cat condo custom

Sturdy Cat Tree

Custom Katimanjaro cat tower

Cat Tower

Custom Katimanjaro-Curved side beds