Real Leopard, Zebra and Tiger print carpet on Cat Trees.

Animal print cat tree.Authentic animal print carpet is only what uses on their hand made cat condos. No faux fur cheap imitations. The carpet used on the cat furniture is a short dense pile. It will hold up to years of cat scratching, even the areas not covered in sisal rope.
You can’t compare real carpet to faux fur. For real animal print designs, you should seek out companies that use real carpet on their cat Towers.
It’s not cheap for the carpet, that’s why nobody uses it. But you get what you pay for.

Cat tree manufacturers should go to great lengths to acquire the appropriate materials to solidly construct a great, custom cat condo for the buyer. Non toxic materials should only be used in construction of cat furniture.

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  1. judith forney says:

    how much do cat trees made from real trees cost to include shipping

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